17 December 2014

Sisters in Greek Life

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I'm terribly behind in posting and I apologize with a gazillion chocolate-chip web cookies. I'm also aware that gazillion is fictitious. I underestimated how stressful senior year in college could be and am currently working my way out of a quarter-life crisis (blog gold). There are so many blog drafts written and in my head but I just haven't been in the mindset to post. Until now.

About a week ago, a post from one of my friends caught my attention from my Facebook timeline:
"What is this ‪#‎SororitySisters‬ mess VH1 doing? It already look disrespectful to the Greek community. Smh"
I was curious and my assumption was that they would include women from multiple organizations. However, it was this post from the same person who caught my attention the first time that prompted me to watch the promotional Season 1 highlights video:
"Just waiting for all the Greeks to sound off on this Sorority Sisters....and Lord there is a SGRho from SSU on this show. Smh Already looking a mess."
Both the post and video inspired this post on behalf of all my Greek sisters. I'm not the type of person to support negative attention with views, so I am not posting links to the videos, but it was required in this instance.

04 August 2014

New Semester Resolutions

There's something about a new semester of school that has always thrilled me. Maybe it's my backpack, that I packed weeks ago, full of new and carefully themed school supplies. Maybe it's the new clothes stored in my closet. Maybe it's the anticipation of events I'll be attending with my friends. But, no matter how stressful the previous semester was because I thought an 8 am class was a great idea, the night before my first day of classes is always spent awake with gut-wrenching excitement.

Every new year means a clean slate. Clean slates mean new school supplies to keep me excited. After gathering this year's selection of supplies, in pink of course, I sat down to think of ways to get the most out of my year.

Study Resolutions
I'm always searching for a study regimen that works for me. And as with all things, there are hits and misses.
Grab a seat in the front row.
Turns out there is truth in my psychology teacher's advice that students that sit in the front row tend to get better grades. Sitting in the front makes it less likely for my mind to wander. In the middle and back rows there are so many temptations! Anyone else find themselves going down the rabbit hole that is social media?
Homework before play.
They say the first step in forming a good habit is admitting that you have a problem. I'm a chronic procrastinator and will work on everything but the essay I should be writing. I'm a fan of the Pomodoro Technique. There's an app for that! It allows  you to give yourself time limits for work and breaks for when your brain starts to feel mushy.
See a tutor as soon as a problem arises.
The majority of the time, my pride doesn't allow me to use the free service of campus tutors to it's potential. This year, that changes. Don't wait until the situation is nearly unsalvageable because ain't nobody got time for that!

Health Resolutions

16 July 2014

Strut Through Life with Donicia Blanton

It’s safe to say that LaGrange College student Donicia Blanton is on fire this year. A Servant Scholar majoring in Biology and Psychology and minoring in Sustainability and Servant Leadership, she is recognized as a role model for her peers, as well as the young girls she mentors through dance at the YMCA. She works hard and stays stylish doing it! Donicia took time out of her busy schedule to sit down with me Sunday afternoon.

Kadeshia: Thank you for dropping by. Finals season is approaching and you’ve been diligently working this year, how do you keep stress down to a minimum?
Donica Blanton: I keep up with a set schedule and plan ahead mostly. You know, making sure I have “me time” in-between stressful events. I watch a lot of YouTube videos of funny cats and use Bath & Body Works® Aromatherapy body lotion after showers. I also start my mornings with a prayer session, a 15-minute stretch, and abs workout.
Kadeshia: Yeah, aromatherapy and starting the morning right are helpful.

Kadeshia: What does fashion mean to you and what inspires your style?
DB: Fashion means self-expression, the ability to wear one's inner self on the outside for everyone to see. I think that's why we have so much variety in fashion, there’s so many different types of people and we all have different personalities. Everyone has something to bring to the table. Besides being an avid Cosmo reader, I think the biggest influence on my style was growing up in a big city where there was a lot going on and diverse people in an urban environment.
Kadeshia: How would you describe your personal style?
DB: Bohemian with an urban twist but always with an added edge. I always try to throw one or two pieces in there to achieve that.

Kadeshia: No matter how busy you are, I've never seen you wear sweats around campus. How do you do it?
DB: I limit myself to what I call two “bum days” a month. But you know, sometimes it doesn't happen. I like clothes, so it’s fun for me to dress up. I don’t own a lot of leisurely clothing. Except dance clothes, but I’m not going to run around in spandex all day.
Kadeshia: I call them bum days too. So, since you're a busy girl and you don't like bumming it too much, how do you keep your closet organized?